Vintage Feel.

I’ve been on a bit of a vintage kick lately. Everything I’ve worn over the past month or two has been either purchased at a thrift shop or a vintage store. There’s something about the thrill of wearing clothes that have deep in depth stories & pasts, that leaves me wanting more and more. I go to the thrift shop at least twice a week just to scout out some new pieces that I didn’t see before, or were added recently. I’m completely unashamed that a majority of my time is spent at a thrift shop. Now dont get me wrong, I love a new quality piece from a name brand store, but there’s a whole other level of excitement that I reach when I find a cute piece at a thrift store. Everything I’m wearing besides the shoes was purchased at a thrift shop. And speaking of my shoes; MY SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT PAIR OF LEATHER WHITE SNEAKERS HAS COME TO AN END! I’ve had a really hard time taking these off because they’re so simple and so comfortable, making them my dream shoe! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Thrifted suede button-up (similar here) //  Vintage Wranglers denim // H&M white leather sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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