Saturday Editorial: Blogger Spotlight #5

While thinking of what to post for this weeks editorial, I found myself blindly scrolling through the Instagram of Angela Fink: AKA The Fashion Sight. Then suddenly it dawned on me; Angela would be a perfect blogger to write about! So here I am, describing to you the genius that is The Fashion Sight. 

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon Fink’s website or Instagram profile, but I’m most certainly glad I did! The entire aesthetic of her site or “sight” as she calls it, is very urban chic with high & low mixes of all sorts. I’m highly obsessed with her choice of outfits & accessories. And not only is her content on point, but her personality and her demeanor on fashion is equally as great. I deeply recommend anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of Angela, to stop messing around and search her name! Have a great weekend and stay fab!  

{All photos via The Fashion Sight}

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