The Ringer

Are ringer tees in? No really, I have no idea. I don’t see ringer tees very often in the fashion world, or in the world in general. Yes, they’re simple & easy, but what is it that draws everyone further away from them? Is it the scrunched feel that the sleeves give? Is it too simple? 

Whatever it may be, none of those questions ran through my head when I bought this tee. I had my eyes on it for sometime but was somewhat reluctant because I had never owned a ringer tee, and I wasn’t sure if it was for me. With that in mind, I tried it on anyway, and fell in deep love with it. Fast forward a bit, add some 501’s & my Adidas slides and you’ve got an A1 outfit! Have a great week and stay fab!  

H&M tee // Vintage Levi’s 501’s // Adidas slides (via ASOS

Photos by Julia Beer 

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