Why Raf Simons At Calvin Klein is so MAJOR

Honestly, what isn’t going on in my head. It’s a mess in there. There’s so much information, gossip, and desire to know more in my head, that it feels like it’s reached its maximum capacity!

Raf Simons is hands down one of the greatest designers of our time. He’s unique, risky, and extremely clever. There isn’t a house or brand he’s taken over that wasn’t completely reformed at his doing. And now, with this completely unexpected and genius turn of events, he’s been given a shot at recreating the iconic brand that is; Calvin Klein. Not only is it astronomical because we know he’ll do an astounding job, but Simons has never done an American brand. The fashion world is undoubtedly aware that Simons will take this brand and make it his own and make it even better than before! There is no question in my mind that he will do great things with this brand we so much adore. Good luck Raf, we’re all watching and we all wish you the greatest of luck! Have a great week and stay fab! 


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