A Guide to Thanksgiving Dressing.

It’s already here people, the day that we are allowed to absolutely purge and splurge on as much fried, baked, mashed, and gravy covered food we want. Somehow it feels like it was the 4th of July just yesterday, but who’s counting? 

Anyways, if you’ve ever assisted in cooking or cooked an entire thanksgiving meal, you know that you’re not given much time to tend to your appearance. And if you don’t cook, you know finding an outfit appropriate for both stuffing your face and napping, can be rather challenging. While reading through an article on Vogue about thanksgiving dressing, I didn’t seem to see any comfortable options. The editors spoke on being either bold and extremely fashion forward or keeping to a simple and chic ensemble. But personally, I could go for a tee and jeans any day. But for thanksgiving, I always attempt to incorporate something bold and/or loud. 

While it is extremely tempting to grab a pair of sweats and an old tee, I feel it’s best to look somewhat presentable in from of my extended family, but that’s just me. One of the editors in the Vogue article said something I absolutely loved: “Thanksgiving looks like a Ralph Lauren campaign.” That’s honestly exactly how I picture the idea thanksgiving outfit. Creams, knits, boots, wool trousers, selvedge  denim, and even browns are ideas one can’t go wrong with. Try to stick to classic pieces like a turtleneck or even wide leg trousers, but add pieces that will stand out. Keep it chic, stick to what you like, elevate with statement pieces, and wear something extra stretchy. Have a great Thanksgiving and stay fab! 


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