13th St’s Golden Globes Best Dressed

It’s awards season people! Aka the most magical time of the year (in terms of fashion of course). To kick off the season as always is the Golden Globes. What’s so fabulous about the Globes is that every year they never fail to be the most fun, chic and diverse show of the season. The stars did not come to play around that  night! Things like plunging necklines, velvet, sequins, cut-outs, and bright pastels  are just a few of the elements that dominated the carpet that night. Check out my top 6 picks below (in random order) and have a great week! Stay fab! 

1. As I said, plunging necklines and velvet were very prominent last night and Jessica Biel’s Ellie Saab gown contained both. The gown was tailored perfectly and served a new unique twist on the ball gown skirt. 

2. Words can’t describe my feelings towards this dress on Sienna Miller. All I can say is that her and Michael Kors are a match. Made. In. Heaven. 

3. The stunning Priyanka Chopra’s beauty transcends any expectation or pre-conceived notion. And her in this Ralph Lauren gown was unexpected yet so so right. 

5. Would it even be considered a best dressed list if the emaculate Blake Lively wasn’t on it? Everything from the velvet, the metallic pockets and the plunging neck made this Versace gown the definition of a show stopping look. 

6. Naomi’s Harris absolutely stunned and there’s no other way that can be put. 

6. The second I saw Kristen Bell in this Naeem Khan number I knew this awards season was going to be one for the books. The plunging neck, the sequins and the old Hollywood glamour element made this my new favorite look of Bell’s.


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