My Mom. 

my mother is a woman, and women like her cannot be contained” 

Yes, this is something a little bit different for 13th St. Today is my mom, Elaine Contreras’ birthday and I wanted to give her an extra special blog post specially written for her. 

Before I start you’ll need some background on her, she’s originally from California, her parents divorced when she was young, and she got with my dad when she was about 16 and married him years later. They now have 5 kids, 3 (about to be 4) grandkids, she has 5 dogs that she absolutely adores, and she’s currently in school for her Masters degree in social work. My mother has overcome more than any person I’ve ever known. She’s been through trial after trial and has never given up. She fights harder than any woman I’ve met and she has more conviction and bravery in one finger than an entire crowd of women. She has made such an incredible life for my sisters & I and i will never stop saying how grateful I am for that. I’ve had so many opportunities and experiences because of her. She never fails to amaze me with her sense of positivity while still staying somewhat sane. My mom has been thrown many curve balls but has not let a single thing stock her. Even with all the wild crap I’ve done and made her out up with, she’s never once judged me or treated me like the wild child I am. And it doesn’t hurt that the woman can get down in a kitchen. She’s always made me feel comfortable and safe around her and I will forever be immensely grateful. So thank you mother for always being kind, gracious, patient, brave, powerful, inspiring, goofy, loud, a little crazy, fun, adventurous, and stubborn as hell. I love and cherish you more than any words will ever be able to say. Have a great week and stay fab! 



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