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Snakeskin Boots x Payt

It’s 2018!!! I can’t believe how fast 2017 flew by! I’m so excited to see what 2018 holds in store for my life, education, and blog. I try not to psych myself & my year out, but this time around I have a good gut feeling about the year. To my new readers, future readers, and readers who have been with me from the start, I want to thank you for your consideration and support. So, buckle up for a damn good and stylish ride in 2018! 

My close friend and ever so stylish twin Payton and I (who I have interviewed before here) did a little shoot with the infectiously kind and graceful Maddy Lucas and I’m soo excited to show you guys these shots! Maddy is so exceptionally talented behind the lens, and she really makes you feel confident and powerful. When Payton told me she was doing a shoot and wanted me to tag along, I immediately thought of my brand new snakeskin boots. The second I saw these babies on Urban Outfitters, I knew I had to have them. I gushed and oogled over them for awhile, before having the thought of just asking for them for Christmas! So I did and when I opened these that cold and magical morning, I was submerged in joy. They are the perfect cut, fit, style, color, and honestly they’re just the. Perfect. Shoe. SO, being the twins and somehow connected minds we are, Payton and I both received an uncannily similar pair of shoes. The next step was obvious to us both….a photo shoot! We both love having our picture taken, so it was just the perfect opportunity! The photos turned out STUNNING and I’m in love with practically every single one of them! I wanted my outfit to be something laid back and classic, but with a quirky and unexpected twist. Which is why I paired the snakeskin boots with a delicate and timeless piece like the cardigan. I will do a separate post of my single shots taken with Maddy on the same day, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend and as always, stay fab! 

I’m wearing: Vintage levis jacket // Vintage cardigan // Urban Outfitters boots 

P is wearing: Vintage Levis shirt & jeans (from my personal archive) // Free People boots 

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MFW: My Favorite Collection

This fashion season has been one of the most colorful and eclectic I’ve seen in a minute. But nobody does it like Milan. Not only is it the fashion capital of the world, but the Italian designers are some of the most talented and diverse in the world! Their designs are always true to the brand, but also to Italy itself. Their designs are rich with culture and passion and it’s very present in the collections. 

That being said, no one does Italian fashion like Versace. It’s just the way it is. Since Gianni Versace’s murder, Donatella has truly made the brand her own and I’m constantly in awe of her vision. This season she released an entire collection dedicated to her brothers iconic designs for the house and his legacy in general. She paid homage to his designs by resurrecting some of the brands most iconic concepts like the baroque print, golds, leathers, and even denim! There was a bit of a western meets 90’s vibe to the clothes, but overall it was a dream! The baroque print pants paired with the oversized buckled belt made me absolutely swoon. This collection brought my 90’s fashion dreams to life and I will never forget it. The runway was littered with the unrealistically beautiful models that I adore like Candice Swanepoel, Gigi & Bella Hadid, Kendall, Natasha Poly, and the biggest breakout star of this fashion month, miss Kaia Gerber! I was in awe from start to finish. 

Also, not only were the clothes sublime but the finale may go down in history as one of the most impactful and iconic runway show finales ever! I was sitting in Starbucks munching on a bagel while watching the show’s live stream, when it went black and I thought it had ended. Then suddenly I heard the words “Gianni, this is for you” and the music started again and a curtain at the back of the room was opened and there standing in all their “super” glory was the pack of 90’s Amazonian supermodels that we all adore. Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Carla, and Helena stood there as the entire world was put on its knees. I’ve never seen more people shoot up in a crowd faster. The room erupted in cheers and yells and I sat there in a Starbucks absolutely speechless. Nothing could have prepared me for that finale, but I’m so grateful that I was able to witness it (even if it was through a screen lol). Thank you Donatella for giving us an indescribable collection and experience, the fashion world is truly lucky to be alive to witness your brilliance! And to your incredible brother who we will all forever miss and cherish! Bravo! 💛 Stay fab! 

{all photos via Vogue Runway}

LFW: My Favorite Collection

This LFW was one of the most optimistic and exciting I think in awhile. For the most part the designers showcased many fun collections as they usually do in London, but the one that stuck out the most for me was the upcoming designer Molly Goddard. Mollys big breakout into the fashion scene was when none other than Rihanna wore her lime green poofy tulle dress and took our breath away. On top of that, the picture of her holding a wine glass while in the dress went viral and was referenced in the show. Goddard did what she does best for her SS18 show, and that’s dresses. The collection was full of amazing new sillhouettes, textures, fabrics, and the colors were extraordinary. The models glided across the runway in intricately designed gowns paired with riding boots and some were even barefoot! What I loved most about the show was that Molly creates such unconventionally beautiful pieces and I think that’s why she’s resonating with the fashion world so much right now. I mean wait until you see the poofy crystal embellished dress, I DIED! I need to see Rih in that asap! Goddard’s designs are original and crafted expertly but they also bring a certain playful/childlike mood to fashion. Bravo Molly and congrats on another stunning collection! Stay fab! 

{all photos via Vogue Runway}

Trending: A Shearling Situation

I realize that it’s already March and the hot summer months are close ahead, but I couldn’t let the cold period end without shouting out the iconic piece that is: a denim shearling jacket. This past Christmas I asked for the Levis shearling jacket and got it and fell immediately in love with it. I love how bulky and boxy it is, while still looking fitted and clean cut. When I asked for it, I didn’t even have any of the people who’ve worn it in mind, I just really liked it. So I was very ecstatic to find out that it had become a huge trend in the fashion world. It’s comfortable and versatile which are two big factors for me when choosing outerwear. I love the extra dimension it adds to my outfits, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s insanely warm and cozy for chilly winter months. If it’s attracted people like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, or Elsa Hosk, then I’m definitely on board! Take a look at some of my favorite looks with a denim shearling jacket and have a great weekend! Stay fab!

{This is the only actual pic I have of me in the jacket, but it’ll do!} 

Jacket: Levi’s 

{Photos via Collage VintageStyleDuMonde, and Pinterest} 

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Why Everyone Should Hop on the Thrifting train

For the past year I’ve been absolutely infatuated with all things thrifted. What started out as me just browsing while I happened to be in a thrift store, turned into an all out love affair. I find that thrifting clothes can be almost therapeutic at times because you’re browsing through clothes that have a story and a past. You’re not just buying a piece of clothing, you’re adding to its story. 

To those who’ve never thrifted or are too afraid to try it, I urge you to either suck it up or get off your damn high horse because there’s nothing mediocre about thrifting. Sometimes I’ll come across a piece and envision myself or my best friend wearing it and it completely changes whatever mood I’m in. Another tip for those starting out, bring a friend! Sometimes thrift stores can be a little run down and sketchy but that only makes the experience better. But if you insist, bringing a friend is always a good idea because I know from experience that when my best friend and I are thrifting together, there’s an endless amount of surprises in store. One last tip would be to be open minded as hell! You can’t be picky with thrifted clothes, after all they are secondhand clothes, but just be patient and give the piece a try before you toss it. Do not ever second guess a piece on a stain or a rip because you may just be missing out on the piece of a lifetime. I hope these tips will encourage someone to take on the amazing activity that is thrifting! Enjoy some of my favorite thrifted pieces and finds below and stay fab! 

I thrifted these metallic docs in Durango a few months back and I’m so so happy that I did because they’re the perfect statement shoe.

These Levis 560’s were actually purchased at a yard sale, but they’re still one of my most prized finds.

Quite possibly my favorite find ever is my perfect condition Levis 501’s in one size higher than mine, but I mean come on, they’re 501’s.

Both the crewneck and my jeans were life changing finds. The jeans fit me absolutely perfectly and the crewneck is soft, chic, and it’s Champion so how could I have said no?

This crewneck is my lifeline currently. I cropped it to give it a modern edge and to obviously stir up some conversation between the conservatives in my town. 

This zip up sweater (which was $1) has been such a lifesaver on days when I’m wearing something I deem to simple. I’ll grab it and it’ll completely transform my entire look. 

This vintage Yves Saint Laurent button up was actually my first thrifted find and holds a special place in my heart because of that. It’s one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body and it was $2 YSL, only a fool would pass that up.

This graphic tee has completely changed my outlook on fashion. I bought it because it was $1 and because it reminded me of something my fashion icon Bella Hadid would wear, so I had to! 

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A Guide to Thanksgiving Dressing.

It’s already here people, the day that we are allowed to absolutely purge and splurge on as much fried, baked, mashed, and gravy covered food we want. Somehow it feels like it was the 4th of July just yesterday, but who’s counting? 

Anyways, if you’ve ever assisted in cooking or cooked an entire thanksgiving meal, you know that you’re not given much time to tend to your appearance. And if you don’t cook, you know finding an outfit appropriate for both stuffing your face and napping, can be rather challenging. While reading through an article on Vogue about thanksgiving dressing, I didn’t seem to see any comfortable options. The editors spoke on being either bold and extremely fashion forward or keeping to a simple and chic ensemble. But personally, I could go for a tee and jeans any day. But for thanksgiving, I always attempt to incorporate something bold and/or loud. 

While it is extremely tempting to grab a pair of sweats and an old tee, I feel it’s best to look somewhat presentable in from of my extended family, but that’s just me. One of the editors in the Vogue article said something I absolutely loved: “Thanksgiving looks like a Ralph Lauren campaign.” That’s honestly exactly how I picture the idea thanksgiving outfit. Creams, knits, boots, wool trousers, selvedge  denim, and even browns are ideas one can’t go wrong with. Try to stick to classic pieces like a turtleneck or even wide leg trousers, but add pieces that will stand out. Keep it chic, stick to what you like, elevate with statement pieces, and wear something extra stretchy. Have a great Thanksgiving and stay fab! 

For Whomever It May Concern. 

Today I’m going to get a little bit more serious than I usually am. 

Throughout my life I’ve grown up surrounded by amazing people who have helped me become me. From my parents to my sisters to my cousins to my best friends, I’ve been extremely fortunate enough to have them all. But this post is for those who feel like there is nobody on their side. For those who feel like they’re not heard, like they’re nothing, and like they are anything less than extraordinary. Growing up in a small Mormon dominated city, it’s been anything but easy growing up as myself. I’ve strived my entire life to impress people and make myself look like I have it all together. But most recently, I’ve come to some serious terms with myself. I am not who others want me to be, I am not what society says I should be, and I am nothing and no one besides me. The idea behind this post is to uplift and encourage those who aren’t as heard and supported. And I want to thank my family and friends for constantly pushing me and loving me. Mostly to my parents for being so giving and gracious to my sisters and I and for giving me so much love and care. I’m sorry to have let you down and I hope I can continue my life by making you proud and content.

 Anyways, most recently I’ve began to accept myself and the things that make me, me. Also most recently, I’ve developed some bad habits. I won’t say any specifics but I’ve made some choices that aren’t the smartest. Why is that? It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve felt different my entire life. I’ve felt so abnormal and unusual next to the other boys. And for one split second, I felt like I was just another guy. Like I was just a teenager around other teenagers, no matter what activity were doing. I’ve finally discovered that the reason I’ve made so many bad decisions, is because I need to feel like I belong for even just 20 minutes. I strive to feel even minimally normal. But I’m just now realizing that I don’t need that stuff to feel/be normal or extraordinary. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I don’t need to impress anyone. Not only me, but you do not need negative outlets to belong somewhere. You need to be around people who accept you and who love you. So to anyone who feels different, outcast, abnormal, ordinary, or like they need things like drugs, harsh words, or partying etc to feel like you belong, you don’t and it always always gets better. Have a great week and stay fab!