Summer Midriff Series

This summer I’m all about the details. I love adding bold/statement pieces to simple outfits. My all time favorite pieces this summer have been denim shorts & a plain cropped tee. They’re the ultimate summer pairing and there’s endless options with them! Some days I’ll branch out and do denim shorts with a statement top or just a plain cropped tee with jeans, it just depends on how I feel like styling them. Everyday I try to snap a pic of the midriff area of my outfit because I think it’s the most appealing area of an outfit to me. I love little details like the wash of denim or even the buttons that keep my fly up. Enjoy some of the snaps that I’ve saved from my midriff series. (I promise there’s way more I just don’t save all of them) Have a great week and stay fab! 

Wearing: Thrifted top & shorts 

Wearing: H&M cropped tee // Levis denim // Vintage jacket // Gucci wallet 

Wearing: Target cropped tee // Thrifted belt // Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted top // Levis denim

Wearing: Michael Kors button up // Levis denim // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

Wearing: Thrifted tee // Urban Outfitters sunnies // Levis denim

Wearing: Levis denim jacket // H&M trousers

Wearing: H&M cropped tee // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

Wearing: Old flannel // H&M cropped tee // Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted sweatshirt // Thrifted belt // Levis denim 

Wearing: American Apparel tee // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

Wearing: American Apparel tee // Levis denim //Thrifted belt  

Wearing: Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted button up // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

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Denim on Denim

I’m a big hyporcrite sometimes. I’ll get on my favorite bloggers for not posting and then I won’t even post myself. It’s a habit I’m trying to get rid of and improve. I was at a tennis tournament all day yesterday and I’m feeling all the tiredness and soreness they told me about. I couldn’t bring myself to sit around and not get anything done today so I got up and change out of sweats and a t shirt and blogged! So I’ve always loved the denim on denim trend and have been a big supporter of it forever. I figured adding my oil spill/pewter slip ons would take the outfit to the next level. And it did! Enjoy your week and of course…stay fab! 

Target denim shirt (similar here) // Old ripped denim // ASOS slip-ons

leather weather

leather. Leather. LEATHER. I am not ashamed to say that I’m head over heels in love with my Pacsun faux leather joggers. They’re incredibly comfortable and perfect for days when I want to look good and be warm. The day I wore this I was not as cautious as I should’ve been while getting dressed. Choosing such a light tee was a mistake. It. Was. Cold. And today it was even colder. As I write this I’m currently under my comforter bundled in chunky sweater and sweats. Enjoy your week and stay fabbbb!







Pacsun leather joggers (SOLD OUT) // H&M white tee // Converse shoes

©ompagnie general

I’m surprisingly having a good day and I’m very happy about that! Schools going good so that’s a plus! Anyways my outfit is a simple and sleek outfit I chose last night which doesn’t often happen! This tee is super fun and super comfortable! And I figured it’d go perfectly with some denim and white cons because it’ll all be put together perfectly and will make me look somewhat “put together.” So anyways enjoy!






Aeropostale tee // Hollister denim // Converse shoes