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I’m baaaaaaaaAAAck!!!! Miss me?! I sure missed blogging! So I know I said I would be updating from Cali, but to be honest something comes over me in California and it’s like when I’m there I just completely space off my real life responsibilities and duties. Anyways, I had an otherworldly time at Disneyland, spending time with my family, eating anything even remotely considered “junk food”, and just basking in all the greatness that Cali has to offer! I truly live my happiest moments while I’m in California, and it’s not just because of Disneyland (which is a big factor). It’s because it is a place where I feel 100% without a doubt comfortable and well, happy! I also love to pull out all the stops in terms of my wardrobe. It is appropriate given the fact that where I live is not in the slightest bit stylish. When I say “stylish” I mean the people just don’t understand the things I wear and all the intricacies that come with fashion. In Cali, no one bats an eye, and some even compliment my looks! Stuff like that just does not happen in New Mexico, so you can imagine my excitement! 

This look was a super quick and comfortable fit that I threw on to do some light souvenir shopping (which rapidly turned into a 2 hour long trip). I’m obsessed with these vintage Adidas track pants I got awhile back. Not only are they crazy comfy, but they’re very reminiscent of the Y2K vibe that I’m so wildly into right now. To add to the vintage nature of this outfit, I threw on my trusty old New Balance dad sneakers and called it good! At first I was skeptical to pair the two together because I felt it would be a little too much, but they complimented each other harmoniously! No outfit of mine is complete without a white tee, so naturally I gave it a nice west coast twist by tying a knot. I find it to be a simple yet chic way to spice up a summer look! There are so many more pictures that I’m dying to share with you guys so make sure to stay tuned! Stay fab my friends! 


Vintage Adidas windbreaker pants (similar here) // Topman tee 

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Pastel Plaid & Denim Cut-offs

If this post doesn’t get you straight into the spring mood, I don’t know what will! It is once again that beautiful time of year when everything looks like spring, but most days it feels like we’re back in those bone-chilling winter months! Besides the fact that I live in a city with some of the most bipolar weather known to man, I’m immensely excited for the warm weather to completely take over. I’m definitely a winter person in terms of my dressing, but when it comes to everything else, I am such a summer person! 

This spring I plan on incorporating a hell of a lot more color than I ever have before, why am I doing this you might ask? Simple. In the past I’ve focused a lot of my attention on staying with the current trends of the season, but I’m trying to steer away from that now. Obviously pastels and bright colors alike, are a common spring trend, but I’m not doing it for that reason at all. I have always loved when people have the ability to mix and match colors and make it look absolutely effortless. That was kind of my goal with this look! I recently purchased this stunning vintage DKNY JEANS orange & yellow plaid blazer and it  just completely changed my life. It has such a unique, timeless, yet fresh fit and design, there was just no way I could resist. Ishot these  immideately following this purchase, and I’ve never been more pleased with a purchase and set of pictures! I attempted to tone down the look a bit by layering the most classic and chic spring/Summer combo: a white tee and vintage denim shorts! I felt like it added a really cool, Californian vibe to an already quirky yet polished look. The Stan smith’s were basically the cherry on top of an A1 lewq (yes, in case you haven’t heard, it’s lewq not look). All in all this is an outfit I would be more than happy to be buried in because it’s that good hahah! Have a great week and as always stay fab! 


Vintage DKNY Jeans blazer // Vintage Levis 501 shorts (similar version here) // American Apparel white tee // Adidas Stan Smith’s (via ASOS) // Urban Outfitters oval sunnies 

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Summer Midriff Series

This summer I’m all about the details. I love adding bold/statement pieces to simple outfits. My all time favorite pieces this summer have been denim shorts & a plain cropped tee. They’re the ultimate summer pairing and there’s endless options with them! Some days I’ll branch out and do denim shorts with a statement top or just a plain cropped tee with jeans, it just depends on how I feel like styling them. Everyday I try to snap a pic of the midriff area of my outfit because I think it’s the most appealing area of an outfit to me. I love little details like the wash of denim or even the buttons that keep my fly up. Enjoy some of the snaps that I’ve saved from my midriff series. (I promise there’s way more I just don’t save all of them) Have a great week and stay fab! 

Wearing: Thrifted top & shorts 

Wearing: H&M cropped tee // Levis denim // Vintage jacket // Gucci wallet 

Wearing: Target cropped tee // Thrifted belt // Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted top // Levis denim

Wearing: Michael Kors button up // Levis denim // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

Wearing: Thrifted tee // Urban Outfitters sunnies // Levis denim

Wearing: Levis denim jacket // H&M trousers

Wearing: H&M cropped tee // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

Wearing: Old flannel // H&M cropped tee // Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted sweatshirt // Thrifted belt // Levis denim 

Wearing: American Apparel tee // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

Wearing: American Apparel tee // Levis denim //Thrifted belt  

Wearing: Levis denim 

Wearing: Thrifted button up // Levis denim // Thrifted belt 

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Cali Diaries Day 4: Knott’s Berry Farm

This was my first time at Knott’s Berry Farm and i was very pleased with how it turned out! I love crazy roller coasters and the ones here did not disappoint! Also, the chicken dinner I devoured while there was phenomenal!!! For my look I wanted something yet again very simple and comfortable, so I threw on some 560’s and a white tee and called it good. I added a belt and my maroon windbreaker to kind of take it up a notch, but overall I loved how simple and easy the outfit was! Also, this leather backpack that I thrifts was my lifeline in Cali because it is super cute but also very convenient and useful. Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

Thrifted Levis shorts // Thrifted belt & bag // Vans sneakers 

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Cali Diaries Day 3: Disney Day 2 

In my family, one day of Disney is never enough. We have to go at least two days to get our full fix. So for the second day I chose an outfit that was equally as simple as the day prior, but still had a little bit of an elevated edge to it. I chose the same Levis 550s from our day to Hollywood and paired them with my new H&M tee from their all unisex line. If it isn’t already obvious, the elevated piece in this look is the mock neck style of the white tee. And  let me just say that I admired H&M before but after this collection was released I knew that this was my favorite store for a reason. Any brand that would throw caution to the wind and release a collection knowing it would cause controversy and backlash is so wonderful to me. So props to everyone responsible for the Uni Collection! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

H&M tee // Levis shorts // Converse sneakers 

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Cali Diaries Day 2: Disneyland Day 1 

For the second day of our trip we hit up my absolute favorite place on earth: DISNEYLAND! There is no place on the planet that I love more than Disneyland. I’m at my absolute happiest when I’m in the park. From the thrilling rides, to the cute and nostalgic movie themed rides, to the overwhelming amount of churros I consumed, there was absolutely not a single dull moment for me. For my outfit I wanted something very Californian but still comfortable and me. I cut my favorite Levis 501s because, why not? And threw on a cropped white tee and a flannel to give it a Californian side. And clearly no Californian fit would be complete without my vans! Have a great week and stay fab! 
Levis 501 shorts // Vans sneakers // Old flannel (similar here) // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

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Inspiration Station #3: Sunny State Vibez

California HERE I COME!! In just two days I will be taking my senior trip to California and I couldn’t be more giddy! It’s been almost 4 years since I was last there!! Not only is it my family’s home state, but it’s where all of my moms side of the family still resides and I’m ECSTATIC that I get to see them all again. 

I actually just finished getting all of my outfits together (which I will be sharing regularly so keep your eyes open) and let me just say, it’s gonna be a denim extravaganza! I packed so many pairs of Levis shorts, that I honestly don’t know how my suitcase closed. I’ve been on the prowl hardcore for the past couple weeks for some killer denim shorts and I finally accumulated the collection I envisioned! In case you give a shit, I packed 6 pairs of Levis shorts and 4 white tees (not sorry). Not only did I round up shorts, but I rounded up an assortment of pics ( see below) that I’m getting a lot of inspiration from currently. My mind is filled with pics I’ll take, places I’ll visit,  and the food I’ll eat etc. so if you know me don’t expect me to stop talking about any of that until I return. So I will be going to Disneyland, Knottsberry Farm, Los Angeles (super pumped about that) and ending in our hometown of San Diego. If anyone has any insanely dope recommendations for any of the places I’m going (whether it be food, clothes, beaches, rides) please let me know in the comments! Have a great week and stay fab! 

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