black and white

Senior Pics pt. 2: Black & White 

Oh ya, remember these?? Obviously I realize that I have already graduated, but like a true high school graduate, I procrastinated the hell out of it! So ya, enjoy.

For the second & third shoots Maddy and I did, we wanted to do something very grungy yet urban with a little bit of a formal flare. With those crazy thoughts in mind, we found the perfect locations for the vibe we wanted. I wanted to do places that were very unique and distinct in their own ways. A 7/11, an abandoned warehouse/equipment, and a random alley became the perfect result of what two crazy minds can think of. I love every single image posted and I’m so so grateful to Maddy for taking them! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Wearing: H&M // Thrifted trousers // H&M sneakers 

Photos by Maddy Lucas 


Black & White 

Every time I’m in a rut about what to wear, I go right to the simplest combo in the book, black and white. It’s such an easy color pairing to work with and there’s so many different options and endless outfits you can do with it. So many times I create different outfits that make me fall in love with black and white all over again! This particular outfit is a favorite of mine because it’s simple, yet put together. I love every aspect about this outfit because each piece compliments the other perfectly!  Have a great week, and stay fab!  

Target black tee // Old American Eagle pants (similar here) // Dr. Martens shoes 

Photos by Faith Chavers

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