Pinstripes & A Cropped Hoodie 

Hiya! Yes I’m alive and well, even though it may seem otherwise due to my absence. Sometimes my life gets to be so much that I just completely space off things like blogging and then randomly remind myself to post! 

This look is my attempt at incorporating black back into my wardrobe. Not that it ever really left, but I definitely stopped wearing it as much as I used to. This coming season is going to be all about pastels and bright colors, so naturally I have to go against the current and do the opposite! Haha just kidding! But seriously, I’m a guy that loves his color, but there will never not be an exceptionally special place in my heart for black. I recently thrifted these pants, and I’ve never been more satisfied with a purchase. They have a great fit and the pinstripe pattern has always been a big fave of mine. It’s a fun pattern that can be styled in a plethora of ways. One of those ways is with a cropped band hoodie, and can I just say, they work together outstandingly! Have a great weekend and as always, stay fab!! 


Vintage hoodie // Thrifted pants (similar here) // Vans sneakers 

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All Black like Bella.

One of my biggest fashion inspirations is the transcendent Bella Hadid! She has hands down one of the most eclectic and chic senses of style I’ve ever witnessed. With every outfit and every red carpet, she further proves to the world that’s she one bad ass bitch! Not only is her wardrobe refined and diverse, she also brings a certain level of sex and class to every single outfit. I absolutely love the way she finds new ways to style things that wouldn’t generally work together! For instance she basically pioneered the grand return of vintage Dior saddle bags! The girl has an incomparable fashion sense, and on top of that she is one of the most beautiful people on the planet! I figured she’d be the best person to channel this Halloween because she is just so risky and chic and that’s what I look for in a costume! I threw together this look on the fly and I have to say it turned out perfect! This vintage Gap blazer and these lace look pants were both thrifted finds that I will forever cherish! The blazer instantly caught my eye because 1. It’s vintage Gap!!! and 2. It’s classic and chic! I also thought that by adding a chic little black handbag, it would really take the Hadid vibe over the edge! Throw on some classic cons, a cropped white tee, and an eccentric yet interesting pair of sunglasses and BAM you’ve got yourself a Hadid approved fit! Have a great week and stay fab!! 


Vintage Gap blazer // Thrifted pants (similar here) // H&M diy cropped tee // Converse sneakers 

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Back to Black.

Not only is the Beyonce & Andre 300 version of this song my current fav, but that phrase is very relevant to my current fashion mood. I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards the darker clothes in my wardrobe. It’s probably not the smartest idea considering it’s almost summer, but I’m rolling with it! I’m head over heels for these Levis I got from a yard sale. I love mixing different textures and shades like faded black with velvet. Have a great week and stay fab! 

Thrifted blazer // Levis 506 jeans (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Maddy Lucas 

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White & Denim & Black…..Again 

The combo of white denim and black will never lose it’s allure to me. I will never ever ever ever stop wearing this combo probably for as long as I live. I couldn’t imagine how my closet would look if I didn’t buy so many pieces that were white denim and black. Time after time I wear the combo with different pieces each time and every time I fall more and more in love with it. I recently like two hours ago got home from silverton and I’m exhausted, bitten, bruised, irritable, and very very very cold. Who knew it could be so cold in July!?!?! Anyways this week for my Saturday review I’ll post a little recap and overview of what I went through this 4th of July weekend! Have a great week and stay fab!   

Express old tee // Pacsun old joggers (similar here) // Target denim shirt //  New Balance sneakers 

Photos by: Julia Beer @ juliaa.jpg 

Black, Black, & Black 

I know what you’re thinking “That kid lives in a desert! Why the hell is he wearing all black??” My answer is “honestly I don’t know.” Haha. I really appreciate a good all black outfit! It takes a lot of balls to try an all black outfit honestly! I think it is a lot harder than it looks to get the perfect black outfit achieved. I’m not even positive that I got it right haha. Sometimes all black can be a sort of distraction mechanism/shield for the person wearing it. They can be anything from insecure to self unsure. And all black is a way to hide that in a usually unnoticeable way. Most people would never know someone was trying to hide something with black clothing until they’re told. I myself have never used black clothing to hide something but if I’m being quite honest, I might if the opportunity presented itself. So have a good week and stay fab!  


H&M skinny low black jeans // Target black tee // Converse sneakers // Old hat (similar here
Photos by: Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya 

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WIWW: Black

As much as I love pastels and bright colors, it’s always good to test other waters and wear some darker colors such as: BLACK! I went through a stage last year for about a month where I’d only buy and wear black clothes, and as I noticed the black section in my (color coordinated if I may add) closet getting bigger and bigger I said to myself “maybe I should try some color!” Which resulted in me just buying a bunch of white, but either way, I’ll always have a special place in my closet for black clothes! Have a great week and stay fab!


{ left to right: ZaraH&MH&MTopman, Givenchy (via Mr. Porter), Birkenstock (via Nordstrom) }

Green & Cream Bermudas

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve talked to you guys! I have missed venting to you haha. Some stuff has most definitely changed! Obviously I have cut my hair! It was looooong overdue, and honestly it feels awesome! Some more personal things have changed as well, let’s just say some friendships were tested and some were ended, but what are you going to do right? It’s all taught me to be considerate, kind, and to not take your friends for granted ever! 

Onto the less depressing stuff, my outfit is me attempting to get into the summer groove of things! While it’s getting hotter it’s also somehow getting gloomier! My town is weird (weather-wise) and sometimes it gets really confusing! One day it’s cold one day it’s rainy and the next it’s bright and scorching hot! So dressing for summer lately has been very difficult! I want to desperately take out my shorts and sandals but I’m forced to wear jeans and a hoodie! So it did feel good to be able to wear some shorts and a tee for a change. And even when it’s blazing hot, I’ll still go straight to my favorite oversized pieces! Oversized clothing is something that’s honestly dear to me because it can be worn during any season and any occasion! Have a great week and stay fab!  









Vintage DKNY Jeans green tee // Zara oversized bermudas (similar here) // Converse shoes 

Photos by: Sonya Contreras @ legit.sonya 

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