Lately I’ve been really immersing myself in all things fashion in hopes of gaining some new tips and tricks to elevate outfits. I’ve been nonstop searching through fashion accounts, magazines, blogs, editorials, and even just through Tumblr and I have to say I’ve found quite a few great new ideas. One of those great ideas, was how to style a white button up 8 different ways from the amazing Aimee Song of Song Of Style! I absolutely loved how she took a simple piece like a white button up and completely manipulated it to her advantage and created 8 on point looks. The specific way I loved was tying it and pairing it with classic denim, so that’s exactly what I did! I chose a longer denim short than I usually would because I wanted this outfit to have a heavy 90’s vibe to it. There’s nothing I love more than the way that white & denim look when they’re paired together. Also, I’ve been trying to incorporate pieces in my wardrobe that I feel I don’t wear enough so that explains why I’m wearing my Converse for the first time in ages! Have a great week and stay fab!!! 


Old button up // vintage Levis 550 shorts // Converse sneakers // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

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The 4th Fit.

HI!!! My biggest apologies for being so absent in my posting. So far my summer has been incredibly hectic and I just haven’t found the time to post, but obviously I’m attempting to change that! 

This year I went on another intense camping trip to Telluride, CO with my two best friends. We had a insanely exciting time because none of us are really nature people, but we still made the absolute best of it. On the actual 4th of July we went into town, explored, ate a ton of pizza, and walked until our feet ached. I chose an outfit inspired by one of my many fashion role models, Gigi Hadid. I saw her wearing a look exactly like this a few days before I left and I immediately knew I had to wear it. On another note, let me tell you about my new favorite jacket in my collection. I discovered this denim jacket at a yard sale a few weeks ago and I’ve never been more in love with a piece at first sight. It’s the jacket of my denim dreams and I’m so glad I happened to stop at that particular sale. I paired it with a thrifted DIY cropped red tee, a pair of my favorite 505’s and my classic white cons of course! I’m also very into white accessories as of late. Something about the crisp-ness of white makes me weak when shopping for accessories. These glasses and this belt have been on constant rotation lately and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Urban Outfitters sunnies // Vintage Levis denim // Converse sneakers // Thrifted belt & tee 

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Cali Diaries Day 3: Disney Day 2Β 

In my family, one day of Disney is never enough. We have to go at least two days to get our full fix. So for the second day I chose an outfit that was equally as simple as the day prior, but still had a little bit of an elevated edge to it. I chose the same Levis 550s from our day to Hollywood and paired them with my new H&M tee from their all unisex line. If it isn’t already obvious, the elevated piece in this look is the mock neck style of the white tee. And  let me just say that I admired H&M before but after this collection was released I knew that this was my favorite store for a reason. Any brand that would throw caution to the wind and release a collection knowing it would cause controversy and backlash is so wonderful to me. So props to everyone responsible for the Uni Collection! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

H&M tee // Levis shorts // Converse sneakers 

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Back to Black.

Not only is the Beyonce & Andre 300 version of this song my current fav, but that phrase is very relevant to my current fashion mood. I’ve been finding myself gravitating towards the darker clothes in my wardrobe. It’s probably not the smartest idea considering it’s almost summer, but I’m rolling with it! I’m head over heels for these Levis I got from a yard sale. I love mixing different textures and shades like faded black with velvet. Have a great week and stay fab! 

Thrifted blazer // Levis 506 jeans (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Maddy Lucas 

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24/7 Basics

I think by now, you’ve realized that I’m a person who loves their basics. Why? Because there’s nothing better than a fresh white button up and some classic jeans. It’s honestly a soothing feeling to wear basics. I promise eventually I’ll add some more diverse elements to my outfits, but for now enjoy yet another white & denim look. Have a great week and stay fab!

Michael Kors button up // Thrifted Levis denim // Converse sneakers

Photos by Faith Chavers

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Summer Pastels

Let me just start by saying that I’m really sorry for being so inconsistent and random with my posting lately. I haven’t had time to even relax for a second, but now that SCHOOL IS OVER I can post consistently and decently. 

I figured I’d just share a couple of quick pics I took on my spontaneous Durango trip yesterday after school. I paired a simple baby blue pastel tee and ripped black denim for a laid back day at school. Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

H&M tee & denim // Converse sneakers 

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Striped Yet AgainΒ 

I’m the biggest supporter/lover of stripes. When I wear stripes I feel so full and excited. Stripes have the ability to make my mood go from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds. On most occasions I go right to my stripes pieces to add a little extra to an outfit. 

Not only do I adore stripes, but stripes with denim is even better! The combination of denim and stripes has shaped my entire outlook on fashion if I’m being totally honest. I’ve learned so much about fashion and my own personal fashion sense just by wearing stripes with denim. Have a great week and stay fab!  





ASOS top (similar here) // Old jeans (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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