Snakeskin Boots x Payt

It’s 2018!!! I can’t believe how fast 2017 flew by! I’m so excited to see what 2018 holds in store for my life, education, and blog. I try not to psych myself & my year out, but this time around I have a good gut feeling about the year. To my new readers, future readers, and readers who have been with me from the start, I want to thank you for your consideration and support. So, buckle up for a damn good and stylish ride in 2018! 

My close friend and ever so stylish twin Payton and I (who I have interviewed before here) did a little shoot with the infectiously kind and graceful Maddy Lucas and I’m soo excited to show you guys these shots! Maddy is so exceptionally talented behind the lens, and she really makes you feel confident and powerful. When Payton told me she was doing a shoot and wanted me to tag along, I immediately thought of my brand new snakeskin boots. The second I saw these babies on Urban Outfitters, I knew I had to have them. I gushed and oogled over them for awhile, before having the thought of just asking for them for Christmas! So I did and when I opened these that cold and magical morning, I was submerged in joy. They are the perfect cut, fit, style, color, and honestly they’re just the. Perfect. Shoe. SO, being the twins and somehow connected minds we are, Payton and I both received an uncannily similar pair of shoes. The next step was obvious to us both….a photo shoot! We both love having our picture taken, so it was just the perfect opportunity! The photos turned out STUNNING and I’m in love with practically every single one of them! I wanted my outfit to be something laid back and classic, but with a quirky and unexpected twist. Which is why I paired the snakeskin boots with a delicate and timeless piece like the cardigan. I will do a separate post of my single shots taken with Maddy on the same day, so stay tuned! Have a great weekend and as always, stay fab! 

I’m wearing: Vintage levis jacket // Vintage cardigan // Urban Outfitters boots 

P is wearing: Vintage Levis shirt & jeans (from my personal archive) // Free People boots 

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My 2017: In Outfits 

This year was anything but ordinary. It threw just about everything at me and somehow I’m still alive and somewhat thriving. It was a difficult year to say the least, but through it all i learned a world of new things about myself and what I want for my future etc. Through my challenges, I prospered and am somehow still alive to write this! I want to say thank you to every single person reading this. If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I am grateful for your time and reads. Every like, comment and view makes me feel like I’m not just writing words with some pictures of myself after. In the beginning I wanted my blog to reflect my personal style, but also to inspire and express my adoration for all things fashion. You’ve all made this year one for the books and I can’t wait to show you what I have in store for 2018! Have a safe and wonderful night and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Stay fab! 


Thank you again for reading my blog and for supporting my procrastinating ass! I love you all and am so grateful for what this blog has done for me! Have an amazing, love-filled 2018! ✨❤️

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Nothing screams fall like a shearling lined denim jacket. It’s my absolute favorite piece to transition from warm to cold! The fur lining is really just the ultimate fall fabric, and honestly I’d be lost without this jacket. Not only does it keep me extra toasty, but it pairs well with many types of pieces! One of my personal favorite pieces to match it with is (unsurprisingly) a pair of Levi’s jeans! The mixing of denims is something I may never grow tired of. There’s endless ways to style denim on denim, but also it’s a classic and chic combo to use when you’re in a rut! 

Also, I recently scored this In-N-Out burger tee shirt and I’m still swooning over it. I grabbed it not only because it’s super cute & soft, but it reminds me of my second home, California. It kind of depresses me because it makes me really miss everything about the place, but at the same time it makes me feel like I have a piece of Cali with me. I’m also trying to accessorize as much as possible this fall! I’ve recently found that it’s a chic way to add some more elements to my looks! This maroon croc skin handbag caught my eye at the thrift store because of the shape, but also because of the autumnal vibe it gives off! Have a great week and stay fab!  


Levis denim jacket & jeans // H&M sneakers // Thrifted tee // Thrifted bag 

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Blue Jeans. 

A forever classic song by the transcendent Lana Del Rey, but also my absolute favorite thing to wear. I know I’m living my best life when I’m in denim. It’s just the most timeless piece and I’m just obsessed with playing with the shapes and washes etc. This top was such a score! The second I saw it I knew I was in love! It has a flannel-like material that almost resembles a sweater, but in tee shirt form! It’s a tad big on me but I would never dream of passing up anythimg vintage tommy!! Also, this jacket is a fave because it has a slightly cropped fit and it really just sits right on the body! All in all I OBSESSED! Have a great week and stay fab!! 


Vintage tee // Vintage Levis 501s // H&M sneakers // Vintage Levis denim jacket (similar versions here

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Denim Hues.

My favorite aspect of this denim jacket from H&M is the actual fit of it. I love how it has a military vibe that kind of elevates a simple outfit. When I pair it with denim, I don’t really care what wash my jeans are because the jacket is the perfect wash of denim that is super easy to work with. I haven’t pulled out my white converse in a long time, but I figured it would add a little classic touch to this look! I’m also sooooo head over heels for the tiny sunglasses trend. I honestly didn’t think it would last as long as it has, but I’m crazy happy that it has! I think it’s a very new and fresh way to really elevate any type of outfit! Have a great week and stay fab! 


Old H&M jacket // Levis 501s jeans // Converse sneakers // Urban Outfitters sunglasses 


Somehow I made it to 19, but don’t ask me how because I haven’t the slightest of guesses. Nevertheless, I am absolutely thrilled to be 19 even though I still feel like the same uncoordinated, scruffy, and chronically late teenager. I don’t really know what’s gonna be different this time around (as far as my age goes) but I can tell you this, I welcome 19 with an open mind and heart and I’m hoping that I can grow in many ways than one. I want to set some goals for myself but honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it what with all the homework I’ve neglected. 

So about the outfit, for my big day I wanted to sport a look that was both glamorous with a hint of me. And that’s exactly what I achieved. Every piece cooperates exceptionally to create one amazing look that I’m so satisfied with. Lace and denim is having a moment and I am no exception to the trend. There’s something about the delicacy of lace paired with classic quality denim that really gets me going! My silver Docs are the absolute perfect statement shoe to pull the whole look together and honestly can I just say I’m 100% obsessed with this fit! Have a great week and stay fab! And thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes & love you sent out! ❤️


Levis denim jacket // vintage Levis 501s // ASOS lace tee // Thrifted belt 

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First Week Fits.

        I recently started my classes at the community college in my town, and let me just say it’s no joke. While they’re just community college courses, they still contain a decent level of rigor. It’s a totally different and new environment compared to public school and it’s taking me a minute to adjust fully. I’m really enjoying the courses themselves so far so that’s a plus!        

       Don’t think for a second that just because I’m in college I’ll stop dressing extra everyday, because it’s not gonna happen (except for my 8am class, it’s just impossible to look decent that early anymore). All of my outfits were last minute decisions but I think they all came out A1. Have a great week and stay fab! 

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