Spring Denimsย 

This spring I’m jumping head first into a season of denim. It’s currently the biggest part of my wardrobe & the way I put together looks. The key to any killer look is to begin with a base, and for me my base is always denim. Basically I select one pair from my collection and decide the rest of my outfit based on those jeans. It helps me to organize my thoughts and speed up the process a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that eventually my jeans will have no place being worn due to the excessive heat and dryness where I live. But, nothing, and I mean nothing stops me from slipping into a good pair of jeans. Also I’m dying over the oval shades trend, you guys know I’m not much of a sunglasses person, but I couldn’t resist these bad boys! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Urban Outfitters sunglasses // Thrifted denim shirt & jeans // H&M sneakers

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Denim in Durango.

There’s no clothing I love more than denim. Honestly, it’s my absolute favorite thing to wear for any and everything. It’s the ideal base for any type of outfit. You can dress it up, dress it down, mix other shades, and mix it with prints etc. That being said, it’s no secret I love Levis denim in particular. So when I get the chance to wear two Levis pieces, I’m in. I frayed my black Levis 560’s because I wanted to give them a more personal touch. I adore the mix of the tan fur mixed with the washed black denim because it really gave my look an urban yet earthy tone. Hope you have an amazing week and stay fab! 

Levis denim jacket & jeans // Vans sneakers 

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Trending: A Shearling Situation

I realize that it’s already March and the hot summer months are close ahead, but I couldn’t let the cold period end without shouting out the iconic piece that is: a denim shearling jacket. This past Christmas I asked for the Levis shearling jacket and got it and fell immediately in love with it. I love how bulky and boxy it is, while still looking fitted and clean cut. When I asked for it, I didn’t even have any of the people who’ve worn it in mind, I just really liked it. So I was very ecstatic to find out that it had become a huge trend in the fashion world. It’s comfortable and versatile which are two big factors for me when choosing outerwear. I love the extra dimension it adds to my outfits, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s insanely warm and cozy for chilly winter months. If it’s attracted people like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya, or Elsa Hosk, then I’m definitely on board! Take a look at some of my favorite looks with a denim shearling jacket and have a great weekend! Stay fab!

{This is the only actual pic I have of me in the jacket, but it’ll do!} 

Jacket: Levi’s 

{Photos via Collage VintageStyleDuMonde, and Pinterest} 

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Catching Up

You should know by now that the end of the year is most likely the worst time for me and blogging. It’s always the most hectic and stressful hands down. So I truly apologize for being the absolute worst at staying on top of blogging. But nevertheless come winter break, I’ll be back to my old shenanigans ๐Ÿ™‚ So here’s a quick iPhone shoot of a favorite outfit of mine currently. I got these jeans from a yard sale and I can honestly say it was my best $2 spent to date. Also the military style of this jacket is everything to me right now! Have a great week and stay fab!    

H&M denim jacket // Vintage Levis denim  

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Saturday Editorial: Levi’s Addict Anonymousย 

If it’s not already clear to everybody, I’m actually infatuated with Levis. 

Somewhere along the way, I grew a serious attachment to Levis denim. What started out as a simple admiration of the jeans on people I love like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Chiara Ferragni, or the Olsens, turned into an all out to die for love affair. Something about the fit, the washes, the cuts, and the variety makes me so obsessed. Personally, I like to get mine thrifted or vintage, but there are so many endless options these days. People like Urban Outfitters, RE/DONE, Vetements, or OFF-WHITE are all doing their own takes on Levis, and I’m loving all of it! Take a look at some of my personal faves! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

{All photos wearing: Levis}

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Thrashed the Dressing Room

Thrasher tee // Vintage denim // Vans shoes

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Suede & Denim

While I really wanted to shoot this shirt with a real camera, I really haven’t been in the mood to shoot pictures lately. Not that I’m uninterested in posting on my blog, but my best/closest friend has been visiting from Texas most of the summer so I’ve been soaking up her presence as much as I possibly can. 

This shirt might be my favorite camel colored piece I own. Not only have I been searching for the perfect camel button up, but I’ve been desperately searching for a suede piece of any kind. And when I first laid eyes on this, I knew it had to be mine. It’s a comfortable and versatile piece that has the capability to elevate an outfit 10x. Have a great week and stay fab! 

Thrifter button up // Hollister denim 

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