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LFW: My Favorite Collection

This LFW was one of the most optimistic and exciting I think in awhile. For the most part the designers showcased many fun collections as they usually do in London, but the one that stuck out the most for me was the upcoming designer Molly Goddard. Mollys big breakout into the fashion scene was when none other than Rihanna wore her lime green poofy tulle dress and took our breath away. On top of that, the picture of her holding a wine glass while in the dress went viral and was referenced in the show. Goddard did what she does best for her SS18 show, and that’s dresses. The collection was full of amazing new sillhouettes, textures, fabrics, and the colors were extraordinary. The models glided across the runway in intricately designed gowns paired with riding boots and some were even barefoot! What I loved most about the show was that Molly creates such unconventionally beautiful pieces and I think that’s why she’s resonating with the fashion world so much right now. I mean wait until you see the poofy crystal embellished dress, I DIED! I need to see Rih in that asap! Goddard’s designs are original and crafted expertly but they also bring a certain playful/childlike mood to fashion. Bravo Molly and congrats on another stunning collection! Stay fab! 

{all photos via Vogue Runway}


NYFW: My Favorite Collection

One of my favorite things to write about is fashion shows. I love everything about fashion shows to be honest. I know what you’re thinking, “coming from someone who’s never even been to a real fashion show” yes you’re correct, but I don’t feel I have to physically be there to give my input on a collection. In today’s world one can simply pull out their phone and type two words and immediately be inside a New York fashion show.

 Anyways, this season, the designers put out some extremely eclectic collections that really switched things up. We saw many new silhouettes, shapes, colors, and pattern plays etc. My personal favorite was mr Prabal Gurung’s S/S collection. Prabal is most definitely one of the most beloved shows of NYFW because of his never ending sense of wonder and innovation. His designs are constantly sleek and sophisticated but with a little hint of feminity and power. With his collection prior being one of the most talked about of the season, the fashion world was genuinely dreaming of what he’d come up with next. The slogan tees of his February show truly shook up the fashion world for the better. This season Gurung took shapes to a whole new level with things like corset/blazer hybrids and even corset/topcoat hybrids that are truly a sight to see. Once again we see a hint of menswear inspired pieces and I’m obsessed. Not only were his shapes expertly executed, but the colors and prints he presented were sublime. Also can we talk about those sunglasses!! I need them in every color asap! Dainty sunglasses are still having a moment and honestly I don’t ever want to see the trend disappear! It’s such an easy and modern way to elevate an outfit. 

Also, Gurung’s casting has been spot on as of recently. The otherworldly beauties Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine were among the many diversely elegant girls to walk the show. The fashion world will forever be indebted to Gurung for his never ending sense of optimism and diversity. He’s a spokesperson for feminism and female empowerment all around! And what better way to end an already exceptional show than with the incomparable Gigi Hadid in quite possibly the most show stopping red dress of this NYFW season! The shape and silly outside were practically created for Hadid herself! She brought new life to the πŸ’ƒ dancing girl and I’m all for it! Bravo Prabal I absolutely adored the collection! 

{All photos via Vogue Runway}


Somehow I made it to 19, but don’t ask me how because I haven’t the slightest of guesses. Nevertheless, I am absolutely thrilled to be 19 even though I still feel like the same uncoordinated, scruffy, and chronically late teenager. I don’t really know what’s gonna be different this time around (as far as my age goes) but I can tell you this, I welcome 19 with an open mind and heart and I’m hoping that I can grow in many ways than one. I want to set some goals for myself but honestly I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it what with all the homework I’ve neglected. 

So about the outfit, for my big day I wanted to sport a look that was both glamorous with a hint of me. And that’s exactly what I achieved. Every piece cooperates exceptionally to create one amazing look that I’m so satisfied with. Lace and denim is having a moment and I am no exception to the trend. There’s something about the delicacy of lace paired with classic quality denim that really gets me going! My silver Docs are the absolute perfect statement shoe to pull the whole look together and honestly can I just say I’m 100% obsessed with this fit! Have a great week and stay fab! And thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes & love you sent out! ❀️


Levis denim jacket // vintage Levis 501s // ASOS lace tee // Thrifted belt 

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A Silk Spell.

It seems I’ve been under some sort of spell lately, and it makes me only want to buy shirts that are silk? I don’t know if that’s logical but I’m gonna go with it because I love me some silk. This shirt is one of my favorites to date because it’s so simple yet chic. I love how well it pairs with my 501s so that’s a major plus! Have a great weekend and stay fab! 


Thrifted shirt & belt // Levis 501 jeans 

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Lately I’ve been really immersing myself in all things fashion in hopes of gaining some new tips and tricks to elevate outfits. I’ve been nonstop searching through fashion accounts, magazines, blogs, editorials, and even just through Tumblr and I have to say I’ve found quite a few great new ideas. One of those great ideas, was how to style a white button up 8 different ways from the amazing Aimee Song of Song Of Style! I absolutely loved how she took a simple piece like a white button up and completely manipulated it to her advantage and created 8 on point looks. The specific way I loved was tying it and pairing it with classic denim, so that’s exactly what I did! I chose a longer denim short than I usually would because I wanted this outfit to have a heavy 90’s vibe to it. There’s nothing I love more than the way that white & denim look when they’re paired together. Also, I’ve been trying to incorporate pieces in my wardrobe that I feel I don’t wear enough so that explains why I’m wearing my Converse for the first time in ages! Have a great week and stay fab!!! 


Old button up // vintage Levis 550 shorts // Converse sneakers // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

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Usual Suspects.Β 

You guys should know by now that I’m at my most comfortable when I’m in a tee and jeans. There’s just something about the combo that gives me a sense of security. When I’m in a rut and can’t find a good outfit, I automatically gravitate towards a tee and a good pair of denim. These particular jeans are the actual jeans of my dreams. I found them at a random yard sale and when I saw the size I was taken aback, but when I saw they were 501s I almost lost my shit. It is such a rare and beautiful thing to find a pair of 501s that are just your size. SO, the lesson for today is never pass up a yard sale no matter how weird it looks, and also to take a minute and just wear something simple and comfortable once in awhile! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Vintage Levis denim (similar styles here) // Adidas slides // H&M tee // Urban Outfitters sunnies

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First Week Fits.

        I recently started my classes at the community college in my town, and let me just say it’s no joke. While they’re just community college courses, they still contain a decent level of rigor. It’s a totally different and new environment compared to public school and it’s taking me a minute to adjust fully. I’m really enjoying the courses themselves so far so that’s a plus!        

       Don’t think for a second that just because I’m in college I’ll stop dressing extra everyday, because it’s not gonna happen (except for my 8am class, it’s just impossible to look decent that early anymore). All of my outfits were last minute decisions but I think they all came out A1. Have a great week and stay fab! 

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