Senior Pics Pt. 1: Levis x YSL

Yes people, it’s finally happening: IM GRADUATING!!! I’m still in absolute shock that it’s I’m about to finish 13 years of school. I’ve waited for this moment for so long and I’m over the moon that it’s so close! 

For my senior pictures I wanted to do very organic & natural shoots. That being said, this first shoot is the much more natural side of the overall shoot. When I was planning my outfits and I finished this one, I immediately knew that I wanted a background that was as beautiful as it was interesting. And that’s exactly what I got! Maddy (who is the absolute coolest photographer) and I woke up at about 7 am just to get a sunrise shoot, and I have to say it was very worth it! The sky was breathtaking and the atmosphere was completely serene, and the photos reflect it so very well. Thank you to Maddy Lucas for putting up with my unconventional ideas, and to my mom for supporting everything I chose! I hope you all have a great week and Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the amazing mothers out there! (Don’t miss the rest of the sick pictures I’ll be posting this week!) Stay fab! 

Vintage YSL button up //Levis denim jacket // H&M sneakers // Vintage Levis 501 jeans 

Photos by Maddy Lucas

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Spring Denims 

This spring I’m jumping head first into a season of denim. It’s currently the biggest part of my wardrobe & the way I put together looks. The key to any killer look is to begin with a base, and for me my base is always denim. Basically I select one pair from my collection and decide the rest of my outfit based on those jeans. It helps me to organize my thoughts and speed up the process a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that eventually my jeans will have no place being worn due to the excessive heat and dryness where I live. But, nothing, and I mean nothing stops me from slipping into a good pair of jeans. Also I’m dying over the oval shades trend, you guys know I’m not much of a sunglasses person, but I couldn’t resist these bad boys! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Urban Outfitters sunglasses // Thrifted denim shirt & jeans // H&M sneakers

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Velour Factor.

Unsurprisingly, one of the biggest trends to hit the scene this past year is everything and anything velvet. It’s taken the entire world by storm and become a fashion phenomenon. After a long time of waching from the sidelines, I finally hopped on the train and got a velvet piece. This blazer was actually purchased from a Salvation Army thrift store in my town, and I’ve been infatuated since. It’s a little small on my arms so I suspect it won’t last long in my wardrobe, but for the time being it’ll be my ultimate staple piece. While I’m usually not one to mix formal and casual pieces quite like these, I figured it’d be a good experiment. And in the end, I’m in love. Had a great week and stay fab!

Thrifted blazer // Vintage Levis 501’s (similar styles here) // American Apparel tee // H&M leather sneakers 

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2017 Kickoff

Let me begin by saying an official happy 2017! I know I’m a little late, but better late than never right? Let me also express my undying gratitude and love for those who have stuck with me no matter how many times I posted or didn’t post. Thank you for being understanding and patient with me as I continue on my blogging journey! I realize I haven’t been the most avid poster, but my biggest goal for myself in 2017 is to bring my blog to new heights. I’m talking a full re-vamp of the site and my content! I have some exciting stuff I’m ready to share with you guys, but until then just know that some crazy cool stuff is heading your way. I’m working hard on cultivating new ideas and possibly even getting some new graphic design done for the site! But for now, enjoy a look from a while back when I got dolled the hell up for the most extra Friendsgiving dinner possible! Have a great week and stay fab! 

ASOS leather pants & tuxedo blazer // Topman tee // H&M leather sneakers 

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Catching Up

You should know by now that the end of the year is most likely the worst time for me and blogging. It’s always the most hectic and stressful hands down. So I truly apologize for being the absolute worst at staying on top of blogging. But nevertheless come winter break, I’ll be back to my old shenanigans 🙂 So here’s a quick iPhone shoot of a favorite outfit of mine currently. I got these jeans from a yard sale and I can honestly say it was my best $2 spent to date. Also the military style of this jacket is everything to me right now! Have a great week and stay fab!    

H&M denim jacket // Vintage Levis denim  

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WIWW: Unconventional Outerwear

This coming cold season I’ve committed myself to stepping up my outerwear game. Whether that be loud and diverse coats, or different silhouettes, I’m willing to kick it up a notch. With new and trending things like leopard, velvet, or even plaid, the options for outerwear are truly endless. So enjoy some of my favorite picks and have a great week! Stay fab! 

{AMIRI and Monclér via FWRD | Urban Outfitters | H&M | Alpha Industries via Urban Outfitters}

The Reform of 13th St.

If you couldn’t already tell, consistency hasn’t been my forté lately. I’ve been so insanely busy with everything and anything lately. Every time I tell myself, “I’m going to post three times this week” I get distracted and completely blow it off. But I promise you, sincerely and truly that I’m going to post three times this week and they’re going to be amazing posts. So for now enjoy some pics I shot the other day when the weather was perfect for leather and a knit! Have a great week and stay fab! 

ASOS leather pants 

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