OOTD 7/22/17

Levis denim jacket // Urban Outfitters sunnies // Thrifted pants 


Striped Yet Again 

I’m the biggest supporter/lover of stripes. When I wear stripes I feel so full and excited. Stripes have the ability to make my mood go from 0 to 100 in less than 2 seconds. On most occasions I go right to my stripes pieces to add a little extra to an outfit. 

Not only do I adore stripes, but stripes with denim is even better! The combination of denim and stripes has shaped my entire outlook on fashion if I’m being totally honest. I’ve learned so much about fashion and my own personal fashion sense just by wearing stripes with denim. Have a great week and stay fab!  





ASOS top (similar here) // Old jeans (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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New New

It’s a new year and I’m most certainly feeling good. I feel very refreshed and more receptive to other things & people! To keep it short, I’m head over heels in love with these jeans from Zara & the way it goes with this simple tee! These jeans are very comfortable and extremely easy to pair with. (Plus they’re on sale RIGHT NOW) Have a great week and stay fab! 


Zara skinny jeans with frayed hem // H&M tee (similar here) // Dr. Martens shoes 

Photos by Sonya Contreras

Same Day Different Stripe

As I’ve said countless times before, I love stripes. Like I have an immense passion for anything striped. Vertical, horizontal, all colors, big, and small, I love stripes. I bought this tee from Old Navy for $3!! How awesome is that? I can’t resist anything striped & anything for $3! Putting this tee with a good pair of ripped denim was a good choice because they pair perfectly together. And can you believe how long I’ve kept these Converse whit?? Because I can’t! I probably just jinxed it, but we’ll see what happens! Have a great week and stay fab!  

Old Navy tee // Hollister denim // Converse  sneakers 

Photos by Sonya Contreras

Boat Neck Stripes & Espadrilles 

I’m trying to wear all of my favorite summer pieces one last time before it’s completely unwearable because of the unbearable cold! And that piece in this outfit is my pair of espadrilles from H&M. Time after time I buy a pair of espadrilles that I fall in love with…and then they rip. Somehow I always find a way to rip my espadrilles and it really gets under my skin sometimes! But besides that, take a look at this long sleeve striped tee, that I waited…..(wait for it)…… 4 WEEKS for! I honestly don’t know what took so long but it took longer than anything I’ve ever ordered in my life! But I have to say, the wait was so worth it! This tee is so soft and so adorable! I’m such a lover of stripes, that my parents are beginning to get angry because “everything in my closet looks the same.” Blah blah blah! Either way, I LOVE STRIPES! Sorry. I’m done. I promise. Have a great week and stay fab!!    
ASOS long sleeve striped tee // Hollister denim // H&M beige espadrilles (ON SALE) 

Photos by Faith Chavers (on iphone6) 

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Stripes, Rips, and Croc Skin

You don’t truly know pain until you’ve tried breaking in a pair of ASOS slip-ons. I’m gonna be completely honest, it hurts like a bitch. I can’t begin to describe the pain I went through my first full day of wearing these. My feet felt like they were going to fall off when I got home and took them off. But hey, beauty is pain! 

These jeans are actually my new favorite pair that I own. I love them so much, that if I could, I’d wear them everyday for the rest of my life. I know it’s a bit drastic, but I’m dead serious. They’re out of this world comfortable and affordable and stylish I can’t get enough! Pairing this tee with these jeans and shoes was the best choice I’ve ever made because they all compliment each other perfectly! Have a great week and stay fab!  


Old Navy micro striped tee // Hollister denim // ASOS faux crocodile skin slip-ons 

Photos by Sonya Contreras

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Red Stripes and Light Washed Denim

Red and White is a great color combo. I never go towards red pieces just because I like colors that enhance my skin color. When I do wear red I enjoy it and how it’s so much fun to work with. I bought this extraordinarily soft tee for $8 at H&M and have never been so in love with a tee shirt more than I am with this one! I figured pairing it with my classic light washed denim would give it a more relaxed feel and I was right about that! Lately I’ve been shooting my blog pictures with my iPhone 6 and have seen a great enhancement with the quality of my images and how the clothes look! I love using Sonya’s camera but sometimes it washes out the color of my clothes! And take a look at my thrashed converse. Can you say used and abused? But nonetheless they’re still one of my favorite pairs! Have a great week and stay fab! ❤️ 













H&M tee (red and white sold out / other colors here) // Old jeans // Converse shoes 

Photos by sonya contreras