Disney Day 

It’s no secret that my happiest times are spent at Disneyland. It’s the one place in the world that I can truly say I feel unabashed joy. There’s always something extravagant and breathtaking at the turn of every corner so you’re always on your toes! One of my favorite parts about going is showing out in well thought out, chic, yet undeniably Californian outfits. I like to pair simple and chic staples, with something Disney related like this cropped sweatshirt with my all black, monochromatic pieces. Something comfortable and breathable is ideal especially because of all the walking mixed with the Cali heat! This first look is all of that jumbled into one. Have a great week and stay fab!! 


DIY cropped Disneyland sweatshirt // Vintage Levis 501 shorts (similar here) // Adidas Stan Smith’s (via ASOS) // Urban Outfitters sunglasses 

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A Downtown Moment.

I try to create looks no matter where I’m going. I don’t care if I’m picking up one thing from the store for my mom or I’m going out for pizza, I’m. Gonna. Serve. This is one of those outfits where every piece has a purpose and the outfit wouldn’t be complete without any of them. I got these pants from H&M and I have to say, they weren’t really what I was hoping for/paid for. On the website they looked as if they were made of a silky almost satin-y fabric, but it turns out they’re just sweatpants that look like silk. Nevertheless, I waited awhile for them to arrive so I figured I might as well just get past it and wear them! PS: THEYRE ON SALE! Also, lately I haven’t been able to take this denim jacket off, it’s just my absolute favorite thing! Pair it with my Vans and a sexy cropped tee and you’ve got a classic “Marvin.” Have a great week and stay fab! 

H&M pants // Levis denim jacket (similar here) // Vans sneakers // Thrifted Gucci wallet (similar here

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Cali Diaries Day 2: Disneyland Day 1 

For the second day of our trip we hit up my absolute favorite place on earth: DISNEYLAND! There is no place on the planet that I love more than Disneyland. I’m at my absolute happiest when I’m in the park. From the thrilling rides, to the cute and nostalgic movie themed rides, to the overwhelming amount of churros I consumed, there was absolutely not a single dull moment for me. For my outfit I wanted something very Californian but still comfortable and me. I cut my favorite Levis 501s because, why not? And threw on a cropped white tee and a flannel to give it a Californian side. And clearly no Californian fit would be complete without my vans! Have a great week and stay fab! 
Levis 501 shorts // Vans sneakers // Old flannel (similar here) // Urban Outfitters sunnies 

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“the crowd erupts in applause, but we can’t hear them”

Lemonade. Or the piece of art that changed my life immensely. I will never ever forget the day of its release, I was anxious, impatient, and riveted. The amount of excitement I had was too much to handle and I didn’t know how to verbalize any of it. From the second I saw her in the field wearing a hoodie/gown hybrid, I knew I was in for a life changing experience. At the time of its release I was about to finish my junior year in high school and I was stressed and timid, and somehow it made everything seem ok. The music pulled me in and shook up my understanding of love, forgiveness, racism, empowerment, and heartbreak. To see a woman so powerful and successful, take an uncomfortable and relevant subject like cheating and channel it into art was so astounding. Getting to see, hear and every feel a deeper level of Beyonce’s life was so humbling and I’m forever grateful to her for letting me experience it. While the ultimate break up songs like “Sorry” and “Don’t hurt yourself” we’re an amazing addition to the cheating theme, but if you look too closely into Jay’s possible infidelity, you’ll lose the true meaning of the album. The album was about forgiving someone for ruining you and to stand up for your rights and to be proud of who you are and where you’re from. I will be forever grateful to Beyonce and for her vision and execution of the greatest album of all time. 

Now that you know how much Lemonade means to me, I’ll give you the fashion and fun part of this post. Last night I celebrated….wait for it……….MY GRADUATION!!!!!! Yes that’s right, you’re reading a high school graduate’s blog right now! I’m so excited that I’m done with high school forever and can’t wait to start my life! So about that party, it was such an amazing time and I wish I could do it everyday! All my closest friends and family were present and I was surrounded by so much love and I’m so grateful for the people that showed up and slayed! Being me, I asked all my guests to “serve a look” because I’m very into people throwing caution to the wind and pulling out all the stops for an outfit! I ordered this jumpsuit from ASOS after having fallen in love with it weeks before! It’s one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn and I don’t regret wearing it for a second! Obviously the party was Lemonade themed (argo the prologue) and I’m so happy with how everything turned out! Thank you to everyone for coming and serving and for being so loving and supportive!!!! Catch the looks below 😉 and have a great week! 

ASOS jumpsuit // Vans sneakers 

Summer Pastels

Let me just start by saying that I’m really sorry for being so inconsistent and random with my posting lately. I haven’t had time to even relax for a second, but now that SCHOOL IS OVER I can post consistently and decently. 

I figured I’d just share a couple of quick pics I took on my spontaneous Durango trip yesterday after school. I paired a simple baby blue pastel tee and ripped black denim for a laid back day at school. Have a great weekend and stay fab! 

H&M tee & denim // Converse sneakers 

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WIWW: Denim Shorts 

{Mango | H&M | Zara | H&M}

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Summer Throwback 

Just giving you a tiny little throwback of a time when I was not stressed and not pale. I came across these cute photos from a day spent with one of my very good friends and figured I let you relive this happy time along with me. Obviously I was wearing all blue, but was not blue whatsoever because it was summer and I was extremely carefree & full of joy. (obvi that was short lived) Have a great week and stay fab!  

Target tee // Old denim // ASOS slip on plimsolls 

Photos by Erin Mitchell (on iPhone 6)