Golden State of Mind.

I’m baaaaaaaaAAAck!!!! Miss me?! I sure missed blogging! So I know I said I would be updating from Cali, but to be honest something comes over me in California and it’s like when I’m there I just completely space off my real life responsibilities and duties. Anyways, I had an otherworldly time at Disneyland, spending time with my family, eating anything even remotely considered “junk food”, and just basking in all the greatness that Cali has to offer! I truly live my happiest moments while I’m in California, and it’s not just because of Disneyland (which is a big factor). It’s because it is a place where I feel 100% without a doubt comfortable and well, happy! I also love to pull out all the stops in terms of my wardrobe. It is appropriate given the fact that where I live is not in the slightest bit stylish. When I say “stylish” I mean the people just don’t understand the things I wear and all the intricacies that come with fashion. In Cali, no one bats an eye, and some even compliment my looks! Stuff like that just does not happen in New Mexico, so you can imagine my excitement! 

This look was a super quick and comfortable fit that I threw on to do some light souvenir shopping (which rapidly turned into a 2 hour long trip). I’m obsessed with these vintage Adidas track pants I got awhile back. Not only are they crazy comfy, but they’re very reminiscent of the Y2K vibe that I’m so wildly into right now. To add to the vintage nature of this outfit, I threw on my trusty old New Balance dad sneakers and called it good! At first I was skeptical to pair the two together because I felt it would be a little too much, but they complimented each other harmoniously! No outfit of mine is complete without a white tee, so naturally I gave it a nice west coast twist by tying a knot. I find it to be a simple yet chic way to spice up a summer look! There are so many more pictures that I’m dying to share with you guys so make sure to stay tuned! Stay fab my friends! 


Vintage Adidas windbreaker pants (similar here) // Topman tee 

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The Carpenter Jean.

Ok but where the hell did September go??? It feels as if 2017 zipped by in a millisecond! Sometimes it blows my mind how fast time can fly! While it’s already October, things in Farmington are as bipolar as ever. In the day it’s hot and dry and at night it’s stormy and flooding! So at this point I’m just wearing whatever! 

Can we take a moment to not just appreciate but oogle over this amazing vintage Nike mock neck top! I scored this gem at my town’s Salvation Army and I’ve been counting down the seconds until it’s cold enough to wear this! And it’s finally beginning to cool down enough! Not only do I love the design itself but the sleeves are slightly balloon-y which I’m sooo obsessed with! It’s going to be my go-to this Fall/Winter! So, onto the real star of this post, I ordered these Topman jeans about a week and a half ago and I received them the other day after tracking it’s every move. They were a steal for only $17, but not only that they’re such a modern, cool fit and style that I absolutely couldn’t resist! I’ve seen the white stitching on black denim style around lately, so I’m glad I finally hopped on the trend! I like to take pieces that are trending and mix them with an older more classic piece like the Nike top! I think it adds some great defining layers to an outfit! Have a great week and stay fab!! 


Topman carpenter fit jeans // Vintage top (exact version here) // Vans sneakers // Urban Outfitters sunnies  

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2017 Kickoff

Let me begin by saying an official happy 2017! I know I’m a little late, but better late than never right? Let me also express my undying gratitude and love for those who have stuck with me no matter how many times I posted or didn’t post. Thank you for being understanding and patient with me as I continue on my blogging journey! I realize I haven’t been the most avid poster, but my biggest goal for myself in 2017 is to bring my blog to new heights. I’m talking a full re-vamp of the site and my content! I have some exciting stuff I’m ready to share with you guys, but until then just know that some crazy cool stuff is heading your way. I’m working hard on cultivating new ideas and possibly even getting some new graphic design done for the site! But for now, enjoy a look from a while back when I got dolled the hell up for the most extra Friendsgiving dinner possible! Have a great week and stay fab! 

ASOS leather pants & tuxedo blazer // Topman tee // H&M leather sneakers 

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WIWW: Cargo Green

As previously stated many times, I love army green. Something about it makes me feel so cool and chic. Whether it be a t shirt or a jacket, the color can be one of the most versatile out there. It’s fun, simple, and one of the most classic colors in fashion. While I’ve never been a huge fan of cargo in other colors, there’s something about green cargo that absolutely entices me. The second I laid my eyes on the cargo green jacket from Banana Republic, I knew this had to be the theme of this week’s WIW. So have a great week and stay fab! 

{Topman | AMI via Mr. Porter | H&M | Banana Republic | Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren}

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Denims & The Obvious White Tee  

No outfit in my book is complete without a white tee! When I’m getting ready to walk out the door, I always do one last once over of my entire outfit, and most of the time I end up going back to my closet and taking off the top I’m wearing, and replace it with a white tee. It’s become kind of a routine/habit for me. When I wear a white tee, I feel cool and slick. Never have I worn a white tee and not felt super cool. 

What better match to a great white tee, than a pair of great distressed jeans?? Nothing in this world goes better together than a white tee and jeans. Nothing. It’s the combo of all comboes! Before I left to shoot this outfit, I realized it needed something extra to take it that much further, and immediately realized it needed a denim wrap! Super happy with the way this outfit, location, and lighting turned out because it’s all perfect! Have a great spring break! And stay fab!!  


Topman tee (via Nordstrom) // Old denim (similar here) // Target denim shirt // ASOS slip-ons 

Photos by Faith Chavers

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WIWW: Black Denim

I’ve taken a particular liking in any and all black denim. There’s something super badass-y and cool about it! I know that when I’m in my black jeans, I feel like a total and complete badass! I feel compelled to rebel and maybe go graffiti something (probs won’t) or get a tattoo when I wear it. These pieces are only a few of the amazing variety of black denim out there! Have a great week and stay fab!  

Levis | H&M | Standard Issue | RE/DONE | Topman (via Nordstrom) }

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WIWW: Cream Dream

I’ve been on a cream kick lately, where everything I want, is cream. So it only seemed right to make this week’s WIW…about cream pieces. So I’ve rounded up some of my current cream favorites! Stay fab!

{first 2: Saint Laurent (via Mr. Porter) | H&M | Topman (via Nordstrom) | Zara | H&M}