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Spring Denims 

This spring I’m jumping head first into a season of denim. It’s currently the biggest part of my wardrobe & the way I put together looks. The key to any killer look is to begin with a base, and for me my base is always denim. Basically I select one pair from my collection and decide the rest of my outfit based on those jeans. It helps me to organize my thoughts and speed up the process a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that eventually my jeans will have no place being worn due to the excessive heat and dryness where I live. But, nothing, and I mean nothing stops me from slipping into a good pair of jeans. Also I’m dying over the oval shades trend, you guys know I’m not much of a sunglasses person, but I couldn’t resist these bad boys! Have a great week and stay fab! 

Urban Outfitters sunglasses // Thrifted denim shirt & jeans // H&M sneakers

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WIWW: Unconventional Outerwear

This coming cold season I’ve committed myself to stepping up my outerwear game. Whether that be loud and diverse coats, or different silhouettes, I’m willing to kick it up a notch. With new and trending things like leopard, velvet, or even plaid, the options for outerwear are truly endless. So enjoy some of my favorite picks and have a great week! Stay fab! 

{AMIRI and Monclér via FWRD | Urban Outfitters | H&M | Alpha Industries via Urban Outfitters}

Comeback & The Latest

You read that right, this is my personal comeback. I realize I’ve been extremely absent and incosistent with my posting, but I have promised myself that I’d commit to posting truly exceptional content, consistently. I figured that this mega cool combo of black, metallic silver, and white would be the perfect way to make a return to my blogging ways. 

In other news, obviously I want to touch on the recent remarks made towards bloggers by none other than Vogue Magazine. For now I’ll just say that I’m utterly disappointed and upset that an institution like Vogue (who has the utmost respect and influence from the fashion world) would demean and bully bloggers who have assisted in their site and magazine’s recent success. (Stay tuned for full post) Have a great week and stay fab! 

American Apparel white tee // Levi’s denim (via Urban Outfitters) // Thrifted shoes (similar here

Photos by Faith Chavers 

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Inspiration Station #2 

Hi. I exist. In case you’ve forgotten, and if not, that’s cool too. My absence has no other explanation than: stress & time. I have so much of one and not nearly enough of the other. My senior year just started so please, bare with me, and I promise you will begin to get more consistent and quality content! 

For this weeks inspiration sesh, I’m bringing light to the ever so inspiring campaign by Urban Outfitters and Adidas called #CreateOurFuture. It’s a campaign unlike any other, it’s unique, vibrant, and inspiring to experience. The whole idea behind it is to really inspire people to be the best they can be, regardless of their circumstances. It speaks on beauty within, loving yourself, accepting yourself and others, and being positive and creating a better future. (Oh and the clothes are sick too) I’m so proud to live in a time where this kind of stuff is now normal. Well done UO & Adidas!! Have a great week and stay fab! 

{All images via Urban Outfitters

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WIWW: Vintage 

I’ve been looking around and have found some extremely dope vintage pieces. I found a love for vintage clothing when I took my first actual shopping trip to a thrift shop and loved it! Clothes that are vintage have a cooler and “one of a kind” feeling to them than new clothes. 

These particular pieces are all curated from random places so I probably won’t link most of them. Nonetheless, each one entices me in a different way because it’s unlike anything I’ve ever worn before! I find them all to be super exceptional and unique in their own ways. Have a great week and stay fab!  

{Tommy Hilfiger | EBay | Urban Outfitters | The Vintage Twin}

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WIWW: Unconventional 

What I mean by the title, is that the clothing put in the collage today, is stuff I usually wouldn’t find myself wanting as much as my more simple and crisp pieces. These particular pieces below represent the side of me that’s trying to be more loose and unusual with my style and the clothes I choose. That was one of my smaller New Years resolutions this year; to be courageous and less simple with my fashion. To take risks constantly, push boundaries, be less concerned with others thoughts and to be fun with fashion! That’s what it’s about, being confident, being risky, & bold, and feeling good in your clothes! Not only did I choose bold pieces, but I curated these from places I’ve never heard of, or usually wouldn’t find myself shopping in. So take a look at some random pieces I chose this week and stay fab!!  

{Zara | Maharishi | Levis via Urban Outfitters  | Vetements via Lyst | OFF-WHITE via SSENSE

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All About the Tee

It’s always always all about the tee. The tee for me, is what makes or breaks the perfect casual outfit. You either hit it right on the mark or miss it by miles. That being said, when choosing a tee to put on, one has to be extra maticulate and careful picking it out. This tee from Urban Outfitters is über  soft and extra chic. It’s super simple and self explanatory, making it the perfect casual piece. I obviously had to match it with my favorite jeans and slides! An outfit wouldn’t be complete without these pieces! So have a greaaaat week and stay fab!  


Lazy Oaf tee (via Urban Outfitters) // Zara denim (sold out/similar here} // Adidas slides (via ASOS

Photos by Faith Chavers 

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