Natural Summer Tones.

It has been at an all time high in terms of temperature lately. The minute you step outside, you’re hit with one of the most dry and relentless heats you’ll ever experience. But, when you’ve lived here for as long as I have, it’s nothing. I know there are places on earth that are much hotter but still, it’s pretty damn warm. 

For this look, I started out knowing that I was gonna incorporate these new H&M jeans I recently got and let me tell you, they are life changingly comfortable. The denim is soft yet stretchy and firm. It wasn’t the wash I thought it would be, but I quickly moved on because of all the other amazing elements. The cropped fit, the overall material, and even the 501 button fly vibe all have me rolling on the floor. I’m really into the warmer tones going on in this look. It’s a vibe I’m not usually one to pounce on, but I have to say the way the belt and my thrifted YSL shirt compliment each other is spot on. Have a great week and stay fab! (Also, I FINALLY got a new phone, so we all have the outstanding iPhone 7 camera to thank for these amazingggg pics) 

Vintage YSL button up // H&M denim // Old H&M espadrilles (similar here

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Senior Pics Pt. 1: Levis x YSL

Yes people, it’s finally happening: IM GRADUATING!!! I’m still in absolute shock that it’s I’m about to finish 13 years of school. I’ve waited for this moment for so long and I’m over the moon that it’s so close! 

For my senior pictures I wanted to do very organic & natural shoots. That being said, this first shoot is the much more natural side of the overall shoot. When I was planning my outfits and I finished this one, I immediately knew that I wanted a background that was as beautiful as it was interesting. And that’s exactly what I got! Maddy (who is the absolute coolest photographer) and I woke up at about 7 am just to get a sunrise shoot, and I have to say it was very worth it! The sky was breathtaking and the atmosphere was completely serene, and the photos reflect it so very well. Thank you to Maddy Lucas for putting up with my unconventional ideas, and to my mom for supporting everything I chose! I hope you all have a great week and Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all the amazing mothers out there! (Don’t miss the rest of the sick pictures I’ll be posting this week!) Stay fab! 

Vintage YSL button up //Levis denim jacket // H&M sneakers // Vintage Levis 501 jeans 

Photos by Maddy Lucas

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PFW Kickoff with Saint Laurent

It’s that time of the year again!!! PARIS FASHION WEEK! Since I was in 8th grade and Instagram was having its coming up, I discovered this phenomenal time of the year which is known as Paris Fashion Week. In all my life I’d never seen anything more glamorous, chic, eclectic, and unpredictable as fashion month. It’s the time of the year where the fashion community gathers to see the best collections that fashion has to offer. To start off my personal favorite city to look upon, Anthomy Vaccarello showcased his second collection for Yves Saint Laurent. Since last season when he took over and brought back the full name and logo, the fashion world has been highly anticipating his next collection. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The collection was über chic and brought out some new 80’s glamour vibes. The collection brought to life so many new trends like shoulder shearling, patent leather, vinyl, dramatic shoulders, and even different shades of leather. With a finale of party ready dresses with fabrics like velvet, glittery chain mail, and the most insane boots I’ve ever seen, the collection was ingenious from start to finish. Have a great week and stay fab! (Check out my favorite looks below!)



{All photos via Vogue Runway

Thrifted YSL & Frayed Hems

 Until a couple of weeks ago, I never dreamed of setting foot in a thrift store, especially for my own personal shopping pleasure! I didn’t imagine of finding amazing and nostalgic pieces like this vintage Yves Saint Laurent button-up. This shirt is so comfortable it feels like there’s nothing on me. At first I was highly skeptical about the color of it, but immediately got over it because of the fabric. When I got it, it only took me 5 minutes before I realized what I wanted to wear it with, and that was my Zara jeans! Let’s be real, I’ve never met a pair of frayed hem jeans I didn’t like! The shirt and the jeans are a match made in heaven because both pieces are other worldly comfortable! Just excuse the mud on my shoes, this day’s location was full of it but it didn’t stop me and Julia! Have a great week and stay fab! Happy Valentines Day! 




Thrifted button-up // Zara denim (similar here) // Converse sneakers 

Photos by Julia Beer

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WIWW: Chelsea Boots

I’m back to blogging full time, so get ready for a week & weekend of some quality blog posts people!

I’ve taken a liking into the style of Chelsea boots and how they can make any outfit look more sophisticated! The overall style of them is made to make an outfit pop and go from being plain to loud! Check out some of my picks below and have a great week! Stay fab!  

{Saint Laurent | Topman Zara | H&M | Saint Laurent & Gucci via Mr. Porter